Maybe you have a backup camera and also a car stereo in your car. And in case you have them you know how tricky the setup is. Also, it cost you more money than having a combo of a car stereo with a backup camera. So we are here to discuss the Best Car Stereo with backup camera to make your job easy to pick one for your car.

If you already own a car then you probably know how important a backup or rear camera is. This not only helps you in parking but also provides an advantage while you are driving in reverse gear.

You will give more advantage in your driving if you have the best car stereo with backup camera and GPS because it will not only help you in parking through its backup camera but also it will help you with its GPS system to drive the unknown road.

The camera we are going to discuss below is not only just a camera but also captures Clear footage to help you while driving.

The person who will select the best car stereo with navigation and backup camera for them driving will be a lot easier.

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Additionally, it also guides you during parking through parking guidelines. You can also edit those lines as per your need. And you get an LCD screen with a stereo to watch the footage along with listening to your favorite music.

Comparison table of Best Car Stereo with Backup Camera 2021

LeeKooLuu LK5

LeeKooLuu LK5

Pioneer AVH-X490BS

Pioneer AVH-X490BS

Alpine iLX-W650

Alpine iLX-W650

LeeKooLuu LK1

LeeKooLuu LK1

Leekooluu LK4

Leekooluu LK4

BOSS Audio System

BOSS Audio System

Yakry Y11

Yakry Y11


Features of 10 Best Car Stereo with Backup Camera 2021

LeeKooLuu LK5 Review

Best car stereo with wireless backup camera

The LeeKooLuu is one of the best value-for-money car stereos with backup camera available in the market. It is suitable for RV, trailer, truck, 5th Wheels vehicles. You will get a 170° Wide Angle IR Camera with High-Speed Observation System.

best car stereo with backup camera and bluetooth

One of the unique features of the LeeKooLuu 5 is Dual wireless video input.

The Monitor has Split screen ability with two cameras. So you can add a 2nd digital wireless camera to the current monitor. This helps you to look at different sides of the back of your vehicle.

Another feature of it is the Loop recording feature. You can now record videos in the loop, which means you can use the footage in case you need any proof.

The video quality can capture in Full-HD due to the high-definition chip used inside it to capture as many details as possible on the roads.

The next feature is image flip. You can flip the image in four different modes – Normal Facing / Rear Mirror / Mirror Upside/ Down/ Facing Upside Down. So no matter which angle you need, it will always provide you the best you needed.

Additionally, there are 18 infrared lights to enhance the Night Vision and can also increase the illumination distance, improve the illumination effect, and increase the brightness of the image. So you get good quality images even at night time.

The camera is IP69 rated which means it is waterproof. It can survive in both high and low temperatures.

Durability is excellent and it can deal with extreme weather conditions. There is an option for DIY parking lines that you can change or edit as per your need.

Pioneer AVH-X490BS Review

best double din car stereo with backup camera

Pioneer is a well-known company in the car accessories section like stereo speakers loaded with features. They are in this industry and the products are reliable.

You can get products in all price segments from budget-friendly to premium. The Pioneer AVH-X490BS sits in the mid-premium segment offering some great features.

best double din car stereo with backup camera

Let’s talk about the music playback first. You can play music through the interface cable from your mobile or iPad.

There is a 7” color touchscreen which looks gorgeous. You can see all the details like the song, artist, title, album, time on the screen. Additionally, you get Link search and Alphabet search that makes your search very helpful.

Now you are thinking about how the sound quality is in the Pioneer AVH-X490BS. There are 4 channel 50W amplifiers. While searching for a car stereo with a backup camera you can also look for our similar article Best flip out car stereo.

You get built-in Auto EQ, time alignment, 13-Band graphics equalizer, high/low pass crossover to enhance the music quality as per your need. You can fine-tune all the above features to the exact sound you want.

Additionally, you have Bluetooth support so connecting your device wirelessly is not a problem. You can choose your language according to the multiple languages offered by Pioneer.

The display is a touch-enabled VGA display. You get the display off mode as well as standby mode for different situations.

Also, you can control the brightness as per your need. There is also support for illumination timer, dimmer setting control, home screen shortcuts customization. You get a 1-year warranty on the product.

Alpine iLX-W650 Review

best car stereo with backup camera and bluetooth

Alpine iLX-W650 is a premium car stereo with backup camera that has excellent features at a reasonable price.

You get a Voxx HD wide-angle backup camera. The receiver is compatible with Android Auto or Apple Car Play. You get a 7-inch anti-glare capacitive touch screen.

Best car stereo with backup camera

The receiver can perform a lot of tasks like voice texting, make phone calls, play music from your library, and many others.

You will not get this kind of feature in any other stereo. Additionally, there is support for Google Assistant and Apple Siri voice assistant. There is also Bluetooth support for you.

You can play high-quality audio formats like FLAC files. There is also support for MP3/WMA/AAC/HE-AAC.

Additionally, you can plug a pen drive full of music into the USB port to enjoy your music easily. High-performance radio has three sets of amp outputs to enhance your sound system.

Using the Alpine iLX-W650 is very simple. The new swipe control interface is designed for easy use, so you can keep your eyes on the road.

A two-finger swipe motion moving up, down, left, or right will control volume up or down and track skip forward or back. The two-finger swipe can be done anywhere on the touch screen, so you don’t need to swipe on a specific location.

LeeKooLuu LK1 Review

Best budget car stereo with backup camera

LeeKooLuu produces some excellent car stereo with backup camera at very affordable rpice.

If you told you there is a product that cost less than $50 you won’t believe me in the first. Yes, LeeKooLuu LK1 is a car stereo with a backup camera that costs only $49.99.

The system is powered by connecting to reverse lights for use when the vehicle is in reverse gear. Otherwise, you can connect it directly 12V source.

best car stereo with navigation and backup camera

The camera has a 150 degree viewing angle to give you proper wide view. This is a IP69 rated waterproof camera with color HD license plate. There are 5 LEd lights to provide better footage in dark conditions.

You get a 4.3 inches mirror streaming media screen to veiw the footage of the camera. the screen is coated with anti-glare blue glass that ensures driving safety.

The camera can be connected to the monitor directly via cable. You can also use the monitor as a mirror when turned off.

Additionally, you can adjust the parking guideline such as width, moving Left/Right/Up/Down to make it fits for the real condition.

A green wire comes with the camera, you can cut the green wire image to switch between rearview and front view. And the best part is you get 2 years warranty on the product.

Leekooluu LK4 Review

best car stereo with backup camera Under $100

In case you can spend more than $50 but don’t want to break your wallet then the Leekooluu LK4 is the perfect Car stereo with back up camera under $100.

The Leekooluu comes with an updated built-in digital wireless system. The camera works as a transmitter and the monitor as a receiver. Once you power on the device digital signal from the camera gets transmitted to the monitor.

best car stereo with backup camera and GPS

The camera is IP69 rated to protect itself from rain, dust, and rust. It is capable of recording FULL HD 1080P content.

You get a really wide view due to the 150° viewing angle. the picture quality is very good, every time you get clear footage.

Additionally, it has an updated glass lens that helps to record clear footage even in rainy conditions. It’s also fog resistant and has night vision ability.

You can adjust the parking lines’ width, moving Left/Right/Up/Down to make it fits for the real condition. It supports Normal and Mirror image.

You can use it as a front camera. Also, The monitor can be attached to the Windshield or Dashboard which is up to you.

Installation is also very easy. First, you have to connect the monitor to the cigarette or lighter fuse and then connect the camera to taillights for continuous use.

In case you want to use it for reversing and parking then connect the camera with reverse light.

BOSS Audio Systems BVB9358RC Review

best touch screen car stereo with backup camera

Boss BVB9358RC is an excellent car stereo with backup camera that comes at a very reasonable price. You get a car DVD player with a rearview camera just around $130.

There is double din Bluetooth audio, hands-free calling feature, touch-enabled LCD monitor, and a lot more.

best touch screen car stereo with backup camera

You can connect your mobile with the stereo via Bluetooth to make hands-free calling. It is very important while you are driving.

Once you receive the call you can hear the person on the opposite end of the speaker. Also, you can wirelessly stream audio via Bluetooth so you can listen to streaming music services.

It also lets you control music and apps like Spotify or Pandora.

It supports USB flash drive files up to 32 GB for music playback on units without monitors and music, photo, and video playback on units with monitors.

Additionally, you can charge your device through the built-in 1A charger. There is also support for Steering Wheel Controls.

The DVD player let you watch your favourite videos or listen to audios and FM in the LCD touchscreen.

The Auxiliary input compatible with the audio output from smartphones as well as MP3 players.

The Aux Input allows you to connect to the audio output of an external device such as an MP3 Player or Smartphone so you can enjoy your music through your system. The Boss BVB9358RCSupports SD memory cards up to 32 GB.

You can get 80 watts x 4 Max power from the BVB9358RC to power your speakers. An amplifier is recommended to make sure your speakers are well powered. there is an option for an equalizer so you can tune it as per you want.

Yakry Y11 HD 1080P Vehicle Backup Camera Review

Yarky Y11 is one of the highest-rated car stereo with backup camera on Amazon. It offers excellent value for money. So without any further delay let’s get into the review.

Best Car Stereo with backup camera 2 bar

In spite of the price point, the Yarky Y11 camera is superior that many other cameras out in the market at the same price range.

You can turn the guidelines on or off on the monitor as per your need. You get thin wire so that you can fit and connect the monitor easily with the camera.

The system is powered by connecting to reverse lights for reversing Or can be powered by directly connecting to a 12v source fuse box or cigarette lighter. You get a 4.3-inch 720P monitor.

The rear camera is IP69 rated which means it’s waterproof. So you don’t need to worry in the rainy season.

This has a wide-angle lens so you get a 149-degree viewing angle. It also has 6 LED lights for night vision. The lens is protected with 6 layers of glass and you will get a crystal clear image.

Buyers Guide of Best Car Stereo with Backup Camera 2021

If you are buying a a car stereo with back up camera for the first time, then you should know some basic but very important thing first. There are certain parameters or features that you need to take care of before you buy one. It consists camera quality, installation, display, warranty and more. So we are going to discuss them here to that you get a clear idea.

  • Camera Quality: People often ignore the quality of footage or picture and pay more attention to the stereo. I would suggest you get a camera that can capture HD footage. Nowadays all back up cameras are coming with FULL HD recording capability but do check before getting one. Also, having an IP69 waterproof rating is an added bonus. Since the camera will be mounted outside of your car, this will protect you from rain and water.
  • Display: Next important feature is the display. You will check your footage on the display as well as it will have all the info about the stereo. So the display should be good here. It should be big enough so that you can see all details. I recommend getting a display with5”-7” size. In case you are getting one with a touch control feature, that is great.
  • Installation: Believe me, people often ignore this parameter, and later they regret it. Setting up the rear camera and connect it with the display may sometimes a bit tricky. So we suggest you read the product description as well as the manual to understand how it works. In case you are facing any problem after installation, you can take the help of customer service.
  • Warranty: Warranty is like an added feature to the product. No matter how many years or months it is, it’s always good to have protection for your product. Now, this is obvious you would like to get as long as possible but we suggest having at least one year warranty should be sufficient for you.


I believe the above article helps you to under how does a car stereo with a backup camera works as well as what features you need to check before you buy one.

Leekooluu has some great products in every price range. So no matter what your budget is you will find a suitable one as per your need. Pioneer is also a famous and renowned name in this industry for a long time. And you also have other options to go with.

We reviewed them with pros and cons to help you chose the best for you. in case you have any questions let us know in the comment below, we will be happy to help!


Can I get a touch screen radio in my car?

An aftermarket touch screen car radio usually packs more power than the stereo and it will come standard with your vehicle. You do not have to change your total audio system to get a good quality sound

Which car stereo is better Sony or Pioneer?

Both brand car stereo is good. Now people have different taste few likes Sone and few likes Pioneer but if you ask me then I will say both are quality brand. You have to set all 4 together.