In a hot summer or in rush hour you do need a Best portable car air conditioner to keep yourself cool, so that you don’t need to rush to your destination to get a sigh of relief. Almost every car or trucks nowadays comes with an integrated AC. But what happens if it goes down? you need to spend a good amount money to repair which is a costlier option than to having a portable Air conditioner. In hot summer in the mid way of your journey if somehow your car AC goes out then you have nothing to do except from getting sticky hot air through the window and sweaty shirts. It is much better to keep a portable AC in your car or truck while going somewhere because it can save you from hot weather and rush traffic hours despite of your car or truck AC is working or not.

The summer is inevitable, but you need to choose if you want to spend some bucks and get cool air inside your car or truck or if you are going to suffocate in the hot summer while driving. The most bad thing is that the heat can exhaust you completely, so it is not a thing that you would love. So to solve this problem keeping a portable AC is the easiest and most affordable option. The est thing of portable Air conditioner is that you can move it easily.

And here in this article we are going to discuss about the best portable Air Conditioner for your car or truck that are affordable and best. You can easily use these ACs for your car even you can install it in your truck cabin.

What is a portable Air Conditioner ?

A portable Air conditioner is a mobile cooling device which is used to offer you constant cooling effects. The portable ACs does not required to install permanently like the Wall AC, Split AC or central ACs. They are lightweight and easily movable. They generally have the capability to cool down space of around 200 sq fts. It is generally great for cars and cabins of trucks. It can maintain 15 degree centigrade lowest temperatures.

This portable Car Air conditioner generally works on the battery power supply or also you can use an AC adapter for using directly from the power supply.

How Portable Air Conditioner Works ?

Portable Air Conditioner works by removing the hot humid air outside of the car and a gas inside the AC named as refrigerant used to cool the temperature inside the car, a small fan or blower used inside the AC to blow the cool temperature and a fan to exhaust the hot temperature. And you will get dehumidified and fresh air in your car

The Portable AC works the same as the Window AC or Split AC. The portable AC is not required to install permanently as the Home Air Conditioners.

You just need to connect the exhaust pipe to the outside of the pipe and plug through AC Adapter or through battery and the Portable AC will start to cool your car or truck. The installation process is simple and easy.

List of ten best portable Car Air Conditioners :

Evapolar evaCHILL<br>” class=”affiliate-img”></td><td data-column=

Evapolar evaCHILL

Begleri portable Air Conditioner Fan

Begleri portable Air Conditioner Fan

Evaporative Portable Cooler Fan<br>” class=”affiliate-img”></td><td data-column=

Evaporative Portable Cooler Fan

AERZETIX 2020 Rechageable Water Cooled Air Conditioner<br>” class=”affiliate-img”></td><td data-column=

AERZETIX 2020 Rechageable Water Cooled Air Conditioner

Balhvit Portable Air Conditioner

Balhvit Portable Air Conditioner

SUEPERGOD Personal Air Cooler

SUEPERGOD Personal Air Cooler

LaoTzi Portable Air Conditioner

LaoTzi Portable Air Conditioner

Focondot Personal Air Cooler

Focondot Personal Air Cooler

BLAUX Portable AC G2 

BLAUX Portable AC G2 

Nordic Hygge AirChill

Nordic Hygge AirChill


Evapolar evaCHILL review

If you have a small space in your dashboard and looking for a very compact yet powerful portable Air conditioner then this Evapolar evaCHILL is the perfect companion you can find online for your car or truck cabin.

Moreover, this device is completely portable so you can easily take it to anywhere you like. You can install it to your work desk or install in your car desk just the easy.

Top Pick


  • portable and compact.
  • USB powered, connect anywhere you need cool air.
  • Humidifier, Dust cleaner and Air conditioner 3 in 1 system.
  • Enlarged water tank capable of proving cool air up to 9 hours.
  • up to 45 sq ft coverage area, perfect for cars and truck cabins.

A compact and multiple feature enriched portable Air conditioner offering up to 9 hours cooling time with single water tank fill.

The operation of this device is very smooth and easy. You just need to plug the device, fill the water tank and pressing the power button starts providing you cool air.

This Air conditioner is capable of offering you up to 9 hours of cool air. It also cleans the dust particle and humidifies the air, its like three in one device.

The multiple system offer by this device makes the top priority and choice in our list.


  • USB powered.
  • Easy to use.
  • Compact and portable


  • Build quality is not that good

Begleri portable Air Conditioner Fan review

The best low cost replacement for your car AC is this Begleri portable Air Conditioner. The device is very affordable but offers multiple features.

The fan comes with this device is super quiet, even at full speed it generates very low noise, thus falling asleep with this portable air conditioner is very easy.

Best Value


  • 420Ml of water tank runs up to 5-7 hours.
  • very quiet fan operation.
  • Multiple control features.
  • 7 led lighting.
  • Low water level indicator

A best affordable portable Air conditioner for your car, truck or any personal use

This portable Air conditioner works with a water tank. It contains 420 ML of the water tank, it has an alarm where if the water in this tank is on the low side then the alarm will prompt to give you a reminder to fill up the water. The fully filled water tank can provide you with 5-7 hours of cooling.

The control is easy and there is multiple buttons to control this portable Air Conditioner perfectly.

There is 3 fan speed control buttons and 2 timer option to operate the Air conditioner perfectly. There are also light option which are not only romantic but also offers a good sleep option.

Moreover this portable Air conditioner comes with 2 years of warranty so that you can purchase it with worry free.


  • Multiple controls.
  • Led lighting
  • Low fan noise


  • Only for single use

Evaporative Portable Cooler Fan review

This portable Air conditioner is a battery-powered AC that you can go for. This super compact and pocket-friendly Air conditioner is great for cars and truck cabins and also you can use this in your home for personal use or in your office for complete personal use.

If you are looking for a complete compact personal usable Air Conditioner then this would be a perfect choice.

Battery powered


  • Compact and portable.
  • 2000 Mah battery backed up.
  • USB type C charging interface.
  • 30 sec fast cooling.
  • Multifunctional Fan and Humidifier

If you are looking for a battery rechargeable compact and portable Air conditioner then this would be the perfect fit for yourself or for your loved ones.

The device is very compact and portable, it contains 200 ML of water storage which is enough for few hours of cooling.

This device has the power to start cooling within 30 seconds. You can charge this compact Air conditioner with a USB adaptor and the battery that is equipped with this device is 2000 MAH which is enough for offering 2 hours of constant cooling.

Moreover the cleaning of this device is quiet easy, you can detach the parts and clean with fresh water and attach the parts again to start offer you cooling.

If you are using this portable AC for camping then you can enjoy cooling yourself with this small AC.


  • Very compact and portable
  • Battery powered, never run out of power.
  • USB type C interfaced charging port.
  • Very quiet operation and fan speed.


  • Battery only power up for around 2 hours.
  • The water tank is small, its around 200 ML.

AERZETIX 2020 Rechageable Water Cooled Air Conditioner review

If you are looking for a AC for longer time of usage then this would be the perfect choice for yourself. Because this device comes with two 2500 Mah batteries which is capable of offering almost 24 hours of blowing you with cool air.

There is a USB port with which you can charge this device. Even with your laptop you can charge this Air conditioner.


  • Compact and portable.
  • Up to 24 hours of battery back up.
  • Two 2500 Mah battery inbuilt to offer you prolonged hours of cool air.
  • Ultra quiet fan usage.
  • Easy to move around

This Personal Air conditioner comes with massive battery and massive back up so that you can use this device for prolonged hours without requirement of any power connections.

The operation or controlling of this device is so simple, you just need to add water in the water tank of this air conditioner and start the AC to start cooling you.

As this device is battery powered so without any requirement of an external power source you can use this device for around 24 hours once the device is fully charged.

With portability, this device is also very lightweight and have the power to cool a wide area and its great for the personal cooling requirement and also great if you are looking to buy this device for your car or truck. Just use it in your car or in your home. Get great sleep with this Air Conditioner.


  • A great air conditioner.
  • Massive battery back up.
  • Lightweight


  • The water runs off fast

Balhvit Portable Air Conditioner review

Another great portable air conditioner backed by battery back up to use without any external power connection.

This device is not only great for offering you cool air but also it can works as a humidifier and super quiet fan.

This three-in-one controller with small and compact size is a great companion in hot summer that you can purchase from Amazon.


  • Lightweight and portable Air conditioner.
  • 7 illuminating LED night lamp.
  • Super quiet operation.
  • Battery backup of 3-4 hours.
  • Water tank backup of around 10 hours

A compact and portable Air conditioner with built in battery to use it without any external power source and also you can use this device with the direct USB adapter attached with this device.

This device has attached a USB adapter so that you can even use this AC from connecting direct power with it.

The built-in battery is 2000 Mah which can offer you 3-4 hours of continuous cooling. The water tank that is present in this device is 300 ML with which it can offer you around 10 hours of cooling effects.

So overall as this device is compact but it can offer you good time of cooling effect.

The Fan can be controllable up to 3 settings and the fan is so quiet that you can barely hear it working. There is also 7 illuminating LED to offer you light in the dark of night.

Well, it can be your perfect companion in hot summer not only limited to Car or truck but also for your workdesk and home.


  • USB powered as well as battery powered.
  • Compact, lightweight and noise less operation.
  • Quick cooling option and multiple features.


  • The build quality is not that great

SUEPERGOD Personal Air Cooler review

If you want a quick solution or replacement to your not working Air conditioner of trucks or small workplace or room then you can easily opt for this SUEPERGOD Air Coller as the name suggest this device is complete for personal usage.

A great and handy personal air conditioner available in the market.

Top Pick


  • 7 illuminating LED light.
  • very low power consumption.
  • Remote controlled option.
  • Easy to use

If you ar4e looking for a quick replacement for your Truck’s AC or for your small room’s AC then this device is a go to purchase.

This device also comes with a battery so that you can use this device without any power supply for a longer period of time. And also there is a USB adapter attached with this device where you can connect a direct USB-powered device like a power bank or any USB power adaptor to make it operational. 7 LED lighting is present in the device for night usage

The device can be also controlled by remote. But you have to purchase the remote separately.


  • Easy to use.
  • remote control feature.
  • In built Battery and USB port


  • No remote includes with box.

LaoTzi Portable Air Conditioner review :

Another great portable and completely wireless Air conditioner n our list is this LaoTzi Portable Air Conditioner.

The device is so compact that you can easily carry to anywhere where you need cooling. The space saviour device is ready to fit easily in your car or truck.

You can consider this device for anykind of portable Air conditioner requirements.

Best Selling


  • 3 cool settings.
  • 7 light modes.
  • Mist spray feature.
  • Mobile charging capability.
  • Compact and portable.
  • 300 ML large water tank

A great compact and portable and completely wireless Air conditioner. A great fit for frequent traveller and for Car or Truck.

The device comes with built in 2000 Mah battery so you dont need to worry about any power failures. You can easily charge this device using any mobile charger or using any power bank.

There is a 300 ML of large water tank which is capable of providing you complete cool air up to 4-5 hours.

There is 7 lights, so that you can use it easily on the night. The controlling of this device can be done with 3 modes and the usability of this device is super easy.

Any one can use this portable Air conditioner easily and smoothly. there is also mist spray functionality where the device can spray light water where temperature is so much high to keep your body cool and calm.


  • Great portable and compact Air conditioner.
  • 3 cooling function with mist spray option.
  • Large 300 ML water tank


  • not great in humid temperatures

Focondot Personal Air Cooler review

The Focondot Personnal portable air cooler is not that compact but its little bulky in size but is best at cooling.

The powerful fan and large water tank is capable of keeping you cool for a prolonged period of time.

The battery comes with this device is also of large capacity so that you can use without any power supply for a larger period of time.


  • Massive 5000 Mah battery.
  • 700 ML of water tank.
  • 3 speed settings.
  • Touch control buttons.
  • 120 degree and 60 degree oscillating fan
  • Ultra quiet design and noise less operation

A powerful fan and large water tank for keeping you cool for a prolonged period of time. A not so small but a great portable air conditioner you can go for.

Let’s come to the control first, there are 3 speed settings which you caontrol using the touch button built on this Air conditioner.

The fan inside the cooler is also rotating 60 degrees and 120 degrees so that you can create a personal cooled space.

The device is designed in such a way that it does not make much noise so that you can sleep tight without any disturbance.

The build quality is good. The battery comes with this device is massive 5000 Mah so you dont need to worry anout plugged in or any power source once you charge this device you can use this Air conditioner for prolonged hours.

There is a USB cable inside the box and the charging power rating is 10 watts. It generally takes 3-4 hours to fully charge.

The water tank of this Air conditioner is massive 700 ML you can almost use this cooler for around 12 hours. A great air conditioner for your personal usage.


  • A great Air conditioner.
  • Massive battery and water tank.
  • touch control buttons.


  • The grills are not that great.
  • Bulky in size, not so small

BLAUX Portable AC G2 review

If you are looking for more stylish and compact portable Air conditioner then this BLAUX Portable AC G2 will be the perfect choice for you or for your loved ones.

This device comes with mood lighting so that in the night you can set your favourite color on the top of the AC and enjoy the cool breeze that this Air conditioner offers.

Stylish Pick


  • 2000 Mah of battery.
  • Inbuilt USB port for charging.
  • Ultra quiet operation.
  • Mood lighting.
  • Clean air cooler with Air filters
  • Rapid cooling functionality.
  • 3 settings control with Touch button

A more great looking stylish, sleek designed Air conditioner in our list with touch control functionality.

Coming to control part the device has three speed settings with which you control the fan speed. The control of this device is by touch button.

The sleek designed with touch control looks great. The device is compact and portable so that you can easily carry this device to any place you like and set up to your home, office, car or truck.

The device is also has an inbuilt battery included with which it can run without connecting to any power supply.

Moreover, the inbuilt water curtain filter used to clear up any specks of dirt makes sure that you get clean air.

The device designed is made with super noiseless operation, you can barely hear any sound while it is cooling you. There is a USB port inbuilt to charge the 2000 Mah battery of this air conditioner.


  • Looks great.
  • noiseless operation.
  • Air dust filters


  • Cleaning of Air Filter is tough

Nordic Hygge AirChill Review

Looking for a stylish-looking portable car Air conditioner with compact and battery powered? Then you can easily go for this Nordic Hygge AirChill personal Air conditioner.

This portable AC comes with multiple features and in a compact and stylish looking box type shape. It has 9 blade super quiet fan which used to blow you cool air without any noise.

Top Pick


A stylish and compact portable Air conditioner you can have in your home for personal use or in car or truck. The device is also battery powered so that you don’t always look for a power supply to operate this device.

The control is designed with simple to use LED touch panel from where you can control the device. The AC can not only cool you but also can humidifies the air so that you can get clean and cool air.

There is also night mood lighting which you can use in night. There is a USB port installed in the device with which you can plug in your any mobile charger and can charge this device.

The fan is designed with 9 blade to offer you more powerful Air conditioner and the fan is so quiet in noise that you can sleep well in the night.


  • Super quiet operation.
  • Compact and stylish design.
  • 9 Blade fan design offers more power


  • Cooling is not that great

Types of Portable Air Conditioner :

Let’s know the types of portable Air conditioners available in the market and how they works.

Portable Air conditioners :

Portable Air conditioner are best for keeping small area cool. They just works as that of a air conditioners that are installed in our home. But they are smaller in size and are movable. They need to be installed just the same way as we install our Air conditioners.

They generally are perfect for keeping cool up to 15 degree centigrade in the places which are less than 200 square feet.

Rooftop Air Conditioner :

Rooftops ACs are best for RVs and mini vans. They just fit and work the same as window ACs. It will be installed on the rooftop as the name suggests. These types of Air conditioners are not portable they are permanently fitted.

Fan Coolers :

The fan coolers are little bit more cooler than the ordinary fans. As it will just blow winds but the attached small bucket of ice and water helps to blow cool air that makes much cooler air than the fans.

Fan coolers are generally portable one and also are compact.

Fan coolers with bucket :

This type of portable coolers are same as of the fan coolers but the bucket where you keep the water and ice are more spacious and can contain more water and ice. this type of coolers are also portable and conpact but as they have more space so you can expect much more time of cooling effect.

Buyers Guide: Portable Air Conditioner for Cars and trucks :

Let’s check the buyer’s Guide to get the best portable air conditioner for yourself or for your loved ones. Yes, you can get the best portable AC from this list, but this guide will ensure that you get the best as per your requirements. This guide is a list of things to consider before purchasing best portable air conditioners for your car or truck or for any personal uses.

Size :

Check the size of the portable Air conditioner and the space that you can provide to keep the air conditioner use it properly. As many cars and small trucks have smaller interior space or dashboards so you need to select a small Air conditioner. So check the size of the air conditioner and the size of your space where you want to keep the air conditioner before purchasing.

Power Source :

Check the power source before purchasing the perfect portable air conditioner for yourself. As always you cannot connect the power source that’s why you are looking for the portabvle Air conditioner. Many portable ACs works on built in battery and many works on even with the power banks and some need direct power for working. So check that best suit for yourself.

Cost :

Cost is a very important factor to consider before making a purchase. Select the best portable Air conditioner according to your budget. Here in our list we have low cost and high cost portable ACs you need to choose the best one.

Noise :

A good factor to consider while purchasing your portable Air conditioner. Generally, all the portable AC listed here are of low noise, but many products in the market available make some noise. So choose the product checking carefully the noise level of the AC so that you can purchase Air conditioner with the least noise possible

Installation :

As every Air conditioner need to be installed in your work space or inside the car or inside the truck. You need to know the installation process, if you see that the installation process is hectic then you should avoid the product. As for portable Air conditioners you need to install easily and also you want to move it out .

Ease of Use :

Although the portable Air conditioners are easy to use. But still check the features that would help more on understanding an operating asily.

many devices come with remote control and many devices come with easy to use touch panel control system. So check this functionality before purchasing the best one for yourself

Warranty :

Check the warranty of the air conditioner you are going to purchase. So that for any kind of problem appears with your air conditioner you can get hassle free solution and customer support.

Advantages and Disadvantages of a portable Air Conditioner :

Advantages Disadvantages
1. Portable air conditioner is free to take anywhere you can use it in your work desk or inside the car or inside your truck1. They generate moisture which are not properly drained, which creates moisture in air inside the cooling area.
2. very easy to use as they come with ready to use condition.2. Sometimes the portable ACs generate noise.
3.Portable Air conditioners are more energy efficient as compared to the ACs.3. build quality is always not that good for some portable air conditioners.

Wrapping Up:

Well, here is the list of the ten best portable air conditioners for cars or trucks that you can buy. But before purchasing any device please read the description and buyers guide carefully so that you can grab the best product according to your requirement. I hope, you liked the article.

After researching a lot and reviewing a lot of products we have listed the ten best portable air conditioners for cars or trucks. Here in the table above, you can find the list of the top ten portable car air conditioners that you can have inside of your cars or trucks. even these products can easily be used in your home or in your work desk.

FAQ on best portable Air conditioner for car or truck :

Can you use a portable air conditioner in a car?

Yes, you can use portable Air conditioner for your cars, trucks, personal home usage and also in RVs or crampers. This portable ACs are the quick solution fr heating problem when your AC is not working or if your car doesnot comes with an Inbuilt AC.

Is it worth buying a portable air conditioner?

If you are looking for quick solution for heating problems then buying a portable AC is worth it. If you need cooling solution for your car or in your room or work desk then portable AC is the perfect solution

Do all portable air conditioners have to be vented out a window?

Yes portable Air conditioners have to vented out through window, By the way if you have portable air cooler then you don’t need to vent out.

Do portable air conditioners work well?

Yes, they works enough well, if you have cooling place is under 150 sq feet. They might not works as good as the split ACs or Window ACs but they are good enough.

Is portable AC worth buying?

Yes, if you are looking for a small space to be cooled or for your car or truck then buying a portable Air conditioner is worth it.

Can I leave a portable AC on all day?

This will not be a good thing to do. As it will dramatically increase your electricity bill.

Why portable air conditioners are bad?

Many users complains that portable air conditioners creates noises, sometimes the build quality is not that great and sometimes it takes longer time than the normal ACs to cool the room or the space where you are using the air conditioner.

Can I use a portable air conditioner in a room without a window?

Yes you can, just you need to make sure you use a proper venting system.

Does a portable AC unit use a lot of electricity?

Depending on the cooling capacity the portable Air conditioner uses electricity.

What should I look for when buying a portable air conditioner?

You need to check for the cost, cooling capacity, features, installation procedures , ease of use etc and many more you can check our buyers guideline to know more about the things that you need to check before purchasing the best portable air conditioner for yourself.

Is Mini portable air conditioner good?

It comes in the form of a mini air conditioner, which is nothing other than a personal cooling unit. These compact devices cannot keep your entire home cool, but they are perfect for a small space.