Organizing receipts is a very daunting job, but keeping all the expenses and important financial documents are extremely important.

Best Receipt scanners are very important and useful to manage this daunting and can manage easily this headache and confusing job easily.

Keeping all records in paper mode is another annoying thing, and it is quite messy to find the important when required. So it will be very good if you keep all the records digitally and arranged in folders. So that when you need the required document you can find it easily.

If you want to find your required document easily then you can have a Best Document scanner which will surely help you in your tasks.

That’s when the Receipt scanner is extremely important to purchase or to keep with you. If you own a small business then you can have the best receipt scanner for small business or if you have a bigger business then also you can have a receipt scanner as in both cases maximum transactions and purchases happen in paper mode then you must know that how irritating to keep all the records in a proper manner arranging in files, be it papers of taxes or any final transactions.

But with a receipt scanner, you can easily scan the papered documents and arrange all the files properly in a digital world on your computer, so that you can easily find all the documents when which is required. If you want to scan your document through the computer then you can have the Best document scanner for pc.

Basically you can manage all your hard copied documents easily, and using receipt scanner is very handy and easy. Also, additionally, you can scan photos of your best memories with this receipt scanners and keep the digital record of your best moments with your loved ones, family or with friends.

Now, coming to the most important part, which one to buy in this jungle of receipt scanner? Yes there are lot of receipt scanners with various models, companies, types and most importantly prices. Here we will tell you in-depth the various receipt scanners and there workings and how to fit with your needs.

We have researched thoroughly with various models and come with ten best Receipt scanner keeping in mind the affordability and obviously it can manage all your business requirements. It doesn’t always true that costly receipt scanners are the best and lower ones are the worst. Our post consists of reviewing various products that can produce quality scans and also not always for heavy higher pricing.

The best receipt scanner can scan your documents easily and smoothly and most importantly there scan is so accurate that you can see all the small details clearly in your computer as just the previously hard copied document you had.

So, after buying a best receipt scanner that fits the best with your requirement you don’t need the previously hardcopy, you can through it away.

Now, if you want that paper in the future you can easily print the documents and work on it. So you can check best inkjet printers or best laserjet printers according to your needs. You can check our website for detailed review of best inkjet printers or best laser printers and compare which suits your need in best manner and buy one.

Comparison Table OF 10 Best Receipt Scanner 2021


Brother DS-640 

  • Ultra compact
  • USB powered

Doxie Go SE Wi-Fi

  • Tiny & Battery powered
  • Wifi & USB connectivity

Fujitsu ScanSnap iX1500

  • 50 page ADF
  • WIFI
  • USB supported

Fujitsu ScanSnap S1300i

  • 10 page ADF
  • Auto Duplex scanning

Canon imageFORMULA P-215II

  • 20 page ADF
  • Scan directly to cloud

Epson Workforce ES-55R

  • Smallest and lightest
  • USB powered

HP ScanJet Pro 2000 s1

  • 50 page ADF
  • Heavy duty scanner

Epson FastFoto FF-680W 

  • Photo scan at 1 sec per photo
  • USb+Wireless

Epson WorkForce ES-500W

  • 50 page ADF
  • Wireless + USB

canon canoscan lide 400

  • Type C powered
  • Auto PDF button

Features of 10 Best Receipt Scanner 2021

Brother DS-640 Mobile Color Page Scanner Review

Best portable receipt scanner

The Brother DS 640 is a small compact mobile color scanner, which you can carry with you to anywhere. The best compact and portable receipt scanner available in the market, it sizes 11.5 inches in length and weight under 1 pound which makes this receipt scanner the most light-weighted portable scanner from Brother.

The price is also on the very affordable side. You can easily choose this product if you wish to take this for solely working purposes. If you want a scanner that will fits in your briefcase or bag this product will be a perfect choice.

Brother DS 640 mobile color receipt scanner

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Let’s come to the product’s description– The Brother DS 640 Portable mobile Color receipt scanner is excellent for quickly scanning documents, receipts, cards with various scans to destinations. Its scan speed measures 16 PPM (Page Per Minute) and can scan a maximum resolution of up to 1200*1200 DPI (Dots Per Inch). An excellent scanner for truly business purposes. The amazing part is it does not require external power, it can work with the USB which you need to connect with your computer.

The product comes with a CD which has all the necessary software for installations. You can make any kind of documents post scanning even you can directly send emails from the scan. Now keep your scanned document directly on any network or cloud via Brothers Print&Scan app.

Another excellent receipt scanner software to use on. But the negative part is its scanning speed is 300 DPI with 16 PPI is a bit slower side. But you carry this device with your bag and powered by from your laptop or PC.

Key Features :

  • Both the black and color scanning speed is same at 16 pages per minute.
  • A complete compact document scanner. 1 Inch in length and under 1.5 Lbs in weight. You can carry this device anywhere, it will take only some space in corner of your briefcase or your workbag.
  • The device is always ready, when you are ready. This compact mobile receipt scanner is powered by micro Usb 3.0. Which ensures you to work in anywhere, you just need to connect the USB cable through your laptop. No power source or external source is required.
  • The free Iprint&scan desktop app is very easy to use and make your scanning experience smooth. You can now scan and upload the scanned file to anywhere be it in cloud to another PC or in email. Iprint&Scan make it easy and in one touch.
  • With this scaner you can easily adjust or optimize scanned document, photos easily. How you wish to adjust and optimize your document is now in your hand.


  • Compact and mobile scanning device.
  • Very light weigh and small in size, you can carry with your work bag easily.
  • No external power source required.
  • Works with computer USB.
  • Always Ready, plug & play.


  • 16 PPM is a little bit slow when you have a huge workload.
  • Maximum paper capacity is 1 page at a time.
  • No mass storage device integrated with this scanner.

Support & Warranty :

The Brother DS 640 supports all versions of Windows PC and in MAC pcs and linux.

Brothers offers 1 Year warranty on this device. So use this brother receipt scanner hassle free and look only in the scanning which matters.

Buy Hermitshell Hard travel case to safeguard your Brother DS 640 mobile receipt scanner Check Price Here

Doxie Go SE Wi-Fi Scanner Review

Best Wifi Scanner

The Doxie Go SE Wi-Fi is backed by battery and Wi-Fi so you don’t need to even carry around the scanner with you. This is a small compact and light weight receipt scanner that weights 1.9 pounds only. Additionally amazing software inbuilt with this product provides you with an amazing experience. The battery is also rechargeable battery so that you don’t need to buy the batteries always just charge it and your receipt scanner is ready to use. It will just take a small space in the corner of your work table.

Doxie Go SE Wi-Fi

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Let’s come to the product description– The best feature let you don’t need the use of computer always. It can store up to 4000 scanned pages and after that just plug with your USB to your computer or connect with Wi-Fi and sync to your device without any hassle. Comes with rechargeable battery so that it always remains in ready to use stage just feed the document and scan with Doxie receipt scanner.

The size is of a rolled-up magazine and can scan as fast as at 8 sec. Its scan resolution is of up to 600 Dpi provide a crystal clear scanning image. Doxie GO SE wireless portable receipt scanner comes with an amazing MAC & PC app that lets you handle the scanned document very easily.

Keep your scanned copy to anywhere in the cloud with this best wireless color document scanner. Even you can sync your scanned documents with iPhone or Ipads.

Key Feature :

  • Compact, portable and tiny color scanner, sized as rolled up magazine.
  • Rechargeable battery and Wi-Fi option make this color document scanner a truly wireless receipt scanner.
  • 600 Dpi scanning resolution with features like smart copying, de skew, automatic contrast etc makes every scanned document looks crisp and clean.
  • Expandable memory back up with this device offers to store up to 4000 scans, which can be later synced with your computer, tablet PC, smartphone through USB or Wi-Fi.
  • Featuring no computer required system, always ready to scan mode enables you to scan anywhere anytime.


  • Small, compact color document scanner.
  • 600 DPI resolution offers crisp and crystal scanning experience.
  • Dropbox, Evernote, Icloud and One Note ready.
  • Battery powered, so need not to connect into power outlets.
  • Wi-Fi enabled, truly wireless document scanner.
  • Memory supports, which provide to store up to 4000 scanned page without scanning.


  • Supports no auto Duplex, you need to do it manually.
  • The document feeder is very sensible.
  • 8 sec scanning speed for each document is slow.
  • The input tray have the capacity of 1 page at a time.

Support & Warranty :

Doxie offers a 1 year warranty with this product for your hassle free buying experience.

Also, for any kind of troubleshooting just mail Doxie customer care at

Doxie also offers without Wifi version of the same model which is quiet good. That device does not have the wireless function, but all the other functions are same. Check here Doxie GO with battery.

Fujitsu ScanSnap iX1500 Review

Best Document Receipt Scanner

The Fujitsu Scansnap iX1500 is a compact yet powerful color scanner available in the market. Comes in various finish, black, white, premium. This scansnap Ix1500 is the flagship model of Fujitsu receipt scanner. With this powerful device you can be more productive on what matter the most without controlling much to this scanner.

This scanner is designed in such a way that you will not feel a thing while scanning documents, images, pictures with this device. Comes with touch screen and amazing software “ScanSnap Home” to make easy your scanning works.

Scansnap IX500

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Let’s see the technical description – This feature packed receipt scanner comes with multiple features like Scansnap home enables to scan your any kind of documents in just one touch. A large 4.3 inch touch screen display allows you to use this scanner without connecting to a computer.

This device is also enabled with Wi-Fi so that after scanning you can put your scanned documents in cloud without the necessity of a computer. Higher speed scanning of up to 30 PPM and up to 50 paper tray capacity with auto feeder make it very handy to scan a large number of documents very swiftly. Supports scanning of 600 DPI so that you get crisp and clear scanning.

A great product if you wish to use this for your business even scanning task of home with this device makes very fast. Scan your photos, business card, documents with just one touch. Make separate folder for various persons within this device and keep your personal scanned document safe.

Key Feature :

  • Automatic document feeder with auto and manual duplex option makes your scan more easy and swift.
  • Input tray have the capacity of 50 pages. Load the tray with pages and wait to scan automatically.
  • Color, monochrome scan. Scan how you need to fit with.
  • Large 4.3 inch color touchscreen to scan without necessary of connecting computer with it.
  • Inbuilt memory to create folder and save your scanned copy to your personal folder.
  • Enabled with Wi-Fi, Usb port. Take the sanned document to basically any device as how you like it.
  • One touch scanning with SnapScan software.
  • Upto 30 ppm scanning speed. Fast and smooth.


  • 30 PPM scanning speed is fast enough.
  • Screen touch option is easy to use.
  • Scan Snap software is easy and very friendly to use.
  • Enabled with Wifi and USB.
  • Auto document feeder with auto duplex scanning.
  • Input tray have the capacity of up to 50 pages.


  • Does not have ethernet port.
  • the price is on a little higher side.

Support & Warranty :

The Fujitsu Scansnap iX1500 comes with 1 year standard warranty. So scan with not worrying about the device.

You can always get customer support by contacting through official website

Fujitsu ScanSnap S1300i Review

Best receipt scanner for small business

Home receipts, bank statements, grocery stores bill or term papers or work documents at your office, everything seems to digitize very easily with this Fujitsu Scansnap S1300i. This device is excellent for home and small business with its auto document feeder capacity of up to 10 pages. So that you just need to keep your to be scanned documents stacked and just press a button to scan and focus on your work while the documents get scanned. This receipt scanner is fast smooth compact color document scanner that you can rely on easily.

fujitsu scansnap s1300i document scanner

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Let’s check the technical description– The Fujitsu Scansnap S1300i powered by AC adapter as well as you can power this device by USB from your computer. The scanner has the ability to scan up to 12 pages a minute with duplex scanning at 600 Dpi resolution. Create searchable PDF, excel, word document with just one touch with this scanner. 10 pages auto document feeder makes scanning more hassle free. Auto color detection, auto rotation, and blank page removal system integrated with this document reader make this device a unique receipt scanner for you. Scan and share your documents to cloud for your easy accessibility. Supports business cards, hand drawing of your child, photos very easily and smoothly. Additionally, Scansnap organizer software tool makes it very easy to organize your scanned documents for view, edit, perform searches and more.

Key Features :

  • Optimize and organize your documents easily. Make searchable PDFs, multi page pdfs, editable excel file easily with this scanner.
  • 10 page auto document feeder saves your time on stacking up papers.
  • Scanning speed of up to 12 PPM with duplex scanning at 600 DPI.
  • Intelligent scan correction, detects blank page, auto color adjustment and auto rotation.
  • Scan your documents directly to cloud with this device.
  • Powered by USB or wall socket.


  • 12 ppm speed with duplex scanning is good enough.
  • 10 page auto document feeder is excellent to scan your documents by pilling up in the feeder.
  • USB powered so that you don’t need to deal with load-shedding.
  • one click to scan, also scan to cloud option is pretty good.


  • When not in AC powered you need to connect two USB port to your computer. One is for power and one is for information which is not good.
  • Many time the auto document feeder jams, which creates a hassle.

Support & Warranty :

The Fujitsu ScanSnap S1300i comes with 1 year standard warranty. So scan with not worrying about the device.

You can always get customer support by contacting through official website

Canon imageFORMULA P-215II Scanner Review

Best compact document scanner

Canon Image FORMULA P-215II is a compact and powerful document scanner which can scan images, receipts, bills, documents easily and smoothly. Higher scanning speed, cloud sharing options makes this scanner an amazingly beautiful scanner to use for your home, business, college work and any kind of works that requires scanning at a large scale. It can easily handle multiple paper scanning.

Canon-imageFORMULA-P-215II color document scanner

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Let’s check the technical details- This printer got ADF (Auto Document Feeder) where you can pile up 20 pages of documents and let the printer automatically feed your documents to scan automatically. The printer got excellent scanning speed. It can scan up to 30 IPM, which is enough fast. Auto duplex scanning of up to 15 pages per minute. You can also scan directly to cloud via this scanner. The connection is super fast with USB3.0, with one touch scanning is really easy and smooth to operate. This receipt scanner got plug and play system where the scanner is ready to scan even when you have not installed the scanner in your computer. Additionally got backed by wifi and battery pack which is excellent for wireless use, you don’t need to connect any device or need to rely on power outlet, use it from your tablet, smartphone or iPhone.

Key Feature :

  • Reliably handle many types of documents, ie receipts, plastic covered cards, business cards, forms, bills, etc.
  • Automatically sets the image to provide optimal scan settings.
  • Faster scanning at 15 ppm, with auto duplex scanning. Quite fast.
  • Automatic document feeder supports up to 20 pages.
  • Battery and Wifi backed wireless receipt scanner.
  • Plug and play option, you don’t even need to install the software to use this scanner.
  • Direct scan to cloud, without help of connecting wires.
  • Compact and robust color receipt scanner.


  • Faster scanning of up to 15 PPM with auto-duplex scanning is really fast.
  • Compact and robust receipt scanner.
  • Battery backed and with in built wifi so that you can work wirelessly from anywhere.
  • Auto document scan to cloud.
  • Comes with bundled software which is very easy and smooth to use.
  • Plug and play option use this scanner without installing.


  • The duplex scanning sometimes create blank scanning which is not good.
  • Create a problem with Mac OS sierra.
  • Driver update for this model from CANON is slow and not reliable.

Support & Warranty :

The Canon imageFORMULA P-215II comes with 3 year standard warranty. So that you focus on what matters the most.

You can always get customer support by contacting through official website

Epson Workforce ES-55R Review

Fastest receipt scanner

The Epson Workforce ES-55R is the lightest and compact receipt scanner in its class. Integrated with various account management tools with an unlimited subscription. If you have a job related to accounts this tool is excellent for you. The receipt scanner comes with integrated Softwares that helps you to directly upload the scanned documents to excel, word, PDF, and many more other third-party accounting management Softwares like QuickBooks, Quicken, TurboTax, etc. The best color accounting receipt scanner device.

Epson-Workforce-ES-55R compact receipt scanner

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Let’s check the technical details – The Epson Workforce ES55R is the much faster and lighter color receipt scanner that can be powered by USB through your computer. It is a single feeder scanner and can scan the first page as fast as 5.5 secs. Installed with Epson ScanSmart software which enables you to scan easily and also create searchable PDFs, excel and you can also save with third party accounting management Softwares. Which is best for Data Entry and accounting jobs, create data with minimizing the errors. It supports a versatile scanning system that ensures you to scan conveniently from business cards, daily receipts to documents easily. This scanner also supports auto document feeding, when you feed one by one documents to this scanner it will continue its scanning. The scanner is so light weighted that you can carry it around easily, just 10 OZ. The scanning resolution of this scanner is 1200 DPI for crystal clear scanning.

Key Feature :

  • Comes with receipt management software with free subscription.
  • Data entry jobs made easy with this scanner extracts data accurately and categories key data from receipt.
  • smallest and lightest in class comes under 10 OZ very easy to carry around and keep in a corner of your table.
  • Single page scanning as fast 5.5 secs.
  • Supports versatile scanning from business cards to daily grocery bills everything got covered by this scanner.
  • Can work on USB powered from your computer.
  • Store images and data where you choose- keep it in your computer or in emails or online cloud easily.
  • Scanning resolution is 1200 DPI.
  • Comes with accounting management software by which you can organize data directly to third party account management Softwares directly.


  • Smallest and lightest in its class. Comes under 10 OZ.
  • Auto feeder, can scan automatically when you feed documents continuously.
  • Best receipt scanner for accounting jobs. Comes with preinstalled account management software with unlimited subscription.
  • Resolution is great 1200 DPI


  • Scanning speed is a little bit slower. Takes 5.5 Secs.
  • Scan 1 page at a time.

Support & Warranty :

The Epson Workforce ES-55R comes with 1 year standard warranty. So scan with not worrying about the device.

You can always get customer support by contacting through official website

Get additional warranty of 4 year at around $29 and 3 years warranty at around $21 from Amazon. Check on amazon now.

HP ScanJet Pro 2000 s1 Review

Best Receipt Scanner For Business

The HP Scanjet pro 2000 S1 is a heavy-duty color receipt scanner. This document scanner is faster and offers a scanning speed of up to 30 pages per minute, 60 images per minute with duplex scanning. The scanner got an auto feeder in which you can give up to 50 pages to auto scan, a complete package for heavy business purposes. The inbuilt software offers many scanning options to provide beautiful and crystal clear scanned documents. Also offers a resolution of up to 600 DPI. If you required multiple document scanning for business purposes or heavy work requirements this color document scanner is perfect for you.

HP-ScanJet-Pro-2000-s1 heavy duty receipt scanner

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Let’s check the technical details – The HP Scanjet pro 2000 S1 is made for heavy duty scanning purposes. The document scanner can scan at a speed of 30 PPM and image scanning at a speed of 60 IPM. The feeder can take a load of up to 50 pages, so you just need to pile up the documents and focus your more important job, the scanner got backed by auto document scanner so that it will scan automatically. You can also send the scanned document, images directly to email, dropbox or any cloud conveniently. The input tray can take up to 34 inches of paper easily and ready to scan with one touch scan ready to ensure you that this daunting job is not a problem with this receipt scanner. Software included with this document scanner that ensures the scanned document got adjusted with proper color, proper orientation, background erase, merge pages and provide you with crisp and crystal images and documents. The resolution offer this scanner is 600 DPI.

Key Feature :

  • Up to 600 DPI scanning resolution for both color and mono.
  • Higher scanning speed, 30 PPM for documents and up to 60 IPM for images.
  • Auto document feeder with 50 pages of input tray capacity.
  • Can handle up to 37 inches of single paper for scanning.
  • You can directly send the scanned documents with this scanner and also upload your scanned document to cloud.
  • Auto crop, exposure, orient, plus blank page & hole removal, background cleanup, etc multiple featured software included.
  • You can convert documents and images to PDF, JPEG, PNG, BMP, TIFF, Word, Excel, Text (.txt), Rich Text (rtf) and Searchable PDF.


  • Build for heavy duty workload. Can scan 2000 pages a day.
  • Great purpose color receipt scanner.
  • Higher scanning speed.
  • Great input tray capacity.


  • Price is bit high.
  • First time installation takes a bit more time.

Support & Warranty :

The HP Scanjet Pro 2000 S1 comes with 1 year standard warranty. So scan with not worrying about the device.

You can always get customer support by contacting through official website

Epson FastFoto FF-680W Scanner Review

Best Photo Scanner

The Epson FastFoto FF-680W comes with fastest photo scanning option with scanning speed of 1 sec per photo. This color receipt scanner has the ability to scan documents at an speed of 90 pages per minute in single sided. Take your scanned documents to your phone, Ipad without connecting to your computer, thanks to its Wi-Fi connectivity. Now you can take your scanned directly to cloud without the help of computer. Easily scan and save all the documents by its powerful Epson Scansmart software. Can scan of 1200 DPI resolution to provide you with crisp and crystal document scanning experience.

Epson-FastFoto-FF-680W fast photo scanner

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Let’s check the technical details – The Epson FastFoto FF-680W comes with 100 input tray capacity, just pile up the documents and wait to scan all the documents within few minutes. Optimized resolution of 300 DPI, 600DPI, 1200 DPI to make your scanned documents as per your requirements. Backed by WI-FI to use this scanner wirelessly. Also can be connect this scanner to your computer using USB 3.0. Second Generation Epson FastFoto software to ensure you excellent scanning. Single step scanning to capture both your image and handwritten notes in one scan. Not only image you can get crystal clear scanning of any kind of documents, bill, receipts, handwritten notes, hand drawing of your child with an amazing speed of 90 IPM. This scanner can automatically adjust Auto enhancement, Color restoration, Red-eye reduction, De-skew, Crop, Rotate documents or images to provide you with optimum scanning quality.

Key Feature :

  • 300 DPI photo scanning at a speed of 1 photo per second.
  • 50 DPI to 1200 DPI scanning resolution settings.
  • Wireless connection and USB 3.0 connectivity to perform optimum connectivity.
  • Input tray capacity of 100 sheets.
  • Second Generation Epson Fast Foto Software Scan, Restore, Organize and Share precious memories.
  • Easy auto upload and backup instantly from the scanner itself.
  • Single Step Technology capture both the image and any handwritten notes on the back in a single scan
  • Bring new life to old photos with auto enhancement, color restoration, red-eye reduction, de-skew, crop, rotate with this scanner.


  • Very fast image scanning at an speed of 1 photo per sec.
  • Document scanning is also fast at 90 IPM.
  • Wireless connectivity.
  • Powerful software.


  • Price is little bit higher.
  • 1 photo per sec can only done when the resolution is 300 DPI. For higher resolution the speed gets slower.

Support & Warranty :

The Epson FastFoto FF-680W comes with 1 year standard warranty. So scan with not worrying about the device.

You can always get customer support by contacting through official website

Epson WorkForce ES-500W Review

Epson Workforce ES-500W makes a great deal of scanning when it comes to large paper automatic handling and scanning. 50 page Auto Document feeder with 70PPM single page scanner is quite fast enough to process all your documents in a minute. This color receipt scanner comes with Wi-Fi connectivity so that you can scan your documents even from your Tablets, Ipads, Smartphone without even connecting with your PC. From business documents to ID cards to long piece of papers, this powerful device can scan like a breeze. Powerful Epson smartScan software makes this even more powerful when optimizing your scanned documents.

Epson-WorkForce-ES-500W receipt scanner

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Let’s check the technical details – This scanner comes with the resolution of 600DPI with a maximum resolution of 1200DPI to provide you with crystal clear images. The document feeder can handle up to 50 pages automatically. Scan your receipt, ID cards, business documents, receipts easily with this scanner. The color receipt scanner is powered by Wi-Fi so that you can use it from your wireless devices even when the scanner is not connected with any computers. Epson SmartScan software makes it powerful for automatically optimizing the scanned documents and upload the documents to cloud. This scanner got the speed of 35 PPM for dual side scanning. Included with OCR which can create searchable PDFs and automatic document name creation easily.

Key Feature :

  • Wirelessly scan all your documents to your Ipad, smartphone etc.
  • Scanning speed of 35 PPM for dual side scanning.
  • Automatic document feeder, which can take up to 50 pages.
  • 1200 DPI document scanning.
  • Included with powerful Epson ScanSmart software.
  • Intelligent color and image adjustment to provide you with crystal clear scanning.
  • Up to 4000 page daily cycle.
  • Versatile scanning for everyday documents. From ID card to large business documents all you got covered with this scanner.


  • wireless and fast USB connectivity.
  • 50 page auto document feeder.
  • Dual side scanning speed of 35 PPM.
  • 1200 DPI scanning resolution.


  • Wireless connectivity some time get lost.
  • Price is on higher side.

Support & Warranty :

The Epson WorkForce ES-500W comes with 1 year standard warranty. So scan with not worrying about the device.

You can always get customer support by contacting through official website

Canon canoscan lide 400 Scanner Review

Best Slim Scanner

.The Canon Canoscan lide 400 is a excellent flatbed color receipt scanner powered with USB type C cable just connect with your PC and the scanner is ready to scan. This flatbed scanner offers 8 sec fast scanning with 4800*4800 DPI resolution to provide you with crystal clear image scanning. This device is an excellent image scanner. Comes with one touch button to scan and it’s auto scanning system offers you to automatically detect what type of documents you are scanning and provide you with high quality optimization and you can get clearer document scanning experience.

Canon-CanoScan-Lide-400 slim color scanner

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Let’s check the technical details – This slim color receipt scanner comes with easy to use EZ button which enables auto scanning option so that the scanner detects what type of documents you are scanning and optimize accordingly. Built in PDF button which converts scanned document directly to PDF and also create searchable PDF automatically. The scanner’s resolution is 4800*4800 DPI which offers crystal clear scanned images, with image enhancement, color restoration. The scanner connects with one cable USB type C which offers one cable for power and data. Directly scan to cloud with this scanner.

Key Feature :

  • One cable for data and power via USB type C.
  • Lightweight and slim flatbed scanner. Weight 1.7 pound.
  • 4800*4800 resolution scanning.
  • Easy scanning with EZ button.
  • Inbuilt PDF button to create direct PDF document from scan.
  • Directly scan to the cloud option.


  • Crystal clear image scanning.
  • Lightweight and slim flatbed scanner.
  • Inbuilt PDF button to directly make PDF documents.
  • Scan as fast as 8 sec per picture.


  • Default scanning is at 300 DPI, you have to change and optimize for 1200 and higher resolution.
  • Create problem while connecting with MAC computers.

Support & Warranty :

The Canon CanoScan Lide 400 comes with 1 year standard warranty. So scan with not worrying about the device.

You can always get customer support by contacting through official website

Wrapping Up

After researching a lot and reviewing a lot of products we have listed the ten best color receipt scanners. Here you can find the best light weight scanner, the best photo scanner, the best heavy-duty scanner, etc. You can even compare the prices with the above table and purchase as your recommendation.

Buyer’s Guide OF Best Receipts Scanner 2021

Let’s check which are the important factors you should check while buying a receipt scanner. Here is the basic guide of what should be your concern before buying one.

Compact or heavy duty :

Now, the most important factor before buying the scanners is for what kind of purpose you are using. If you are thinking to travel a lot with this device then you should choose the lightweight and compact one so that you can even carry with your bag or suitcase.

If you need the scanner for heavy working purpose and if your business or job requires more and more pages to scan within minimum time then you should check the heavy duty scanner while you should check the speed of the scanners.

Now, the other options are if you are looking for photo scanner to scan the best photo then there are best photo scanner you can check and of you are looking for education or for a hobby then check as your requirements.

Wireless or Wired :

So, if you are multiple user or you are busy and cannot sit at one place waiting to be scanned you can go for wireless one. Otherwise you can go for wired one.

But there can appear problems in wireless connectivity as we all know that wired connection is obvious better than any wireless one. But wireless ones looks cool and fancy and make easy your work.

Higher Speed or Higher Resolution :

So what you check the most higher speed or the higher resolution. Now generally every receipt scanner offers 300DPI to 600 DPI by default, which is enough for getting crystal clear document scanning output.

But if you need to get more great scanning quality then you should always go for higher resolution one. But higher resolution does not offer you great speed.

If you are taking scanner for heavy jobs then you should check the speed which matters, higher resolution does not required in heavy document scanning job.

AC powered or USB powered :

Ac powered are the powerful one and bulky one. The separate cable for data transfer offers more seamless data transfer and much faster and optimize images.

Whereas the single USB which gets power from computer and also serves data with the same cable offers lesser speed compared to separate data cable. And yes they are compact one which shares one cable for power and data.

Generally if you can scan from one place and no issue with bulky one then go for AC powered as they offer much higher speed, whereas compact one are best for travel and you can carry it easily and also take less very small place in your desk. So choose which suits you the most.

Now, after owning a scanner you need to print the documents. Check best color laser printer.

Few FAQs :

What is the best way to scan receipts?

The best way to scan receipts is by using receipt scanners. But there are also few online software or apps available that can scan your documents. But to get the best result you need to use a document scanner.

Should I scan my receipts?

Yes, You should scan your receipts to keep track of your expenses and other documents electronically so that you can easily search and find when you required the most.

Can I throw away receipts after scanning?

Yes, As after scanning the receipts you have already kept your documents electronically so you can throw away your papered receipts.

Is there a reason to keep receipts?

Yes, receipts help you separate taxable and nontaxable income and identify your actual deductions. So scanning your receipts using best receipt scanner and keeping it electronically can save you from piles of paper documents.

Is it better to buy a separate scanner?

Yes, if you need fast scanning speed and great quality scanned images then you need to choose standalone scanners or separate scanner whose job is solely to scanning.